High School Seniors

Take control of your future, and get 3 YEARS of support.

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Career Readiness Program

Why we created the program?

There’s a major gap in High School Senior support – 408 students to 1 guidance counselor doesn’t give seniors enough chance to learn and prepare for college or career life post-graduation. 


Career Readiness Program builds a foundation helping seniors manage the stressors of entering the professional world while empowering them to have confidence and plan towards leveraging their strengths for career and life success.  


High School Senior needs help:

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Career Readiness Program

What is Career Readiness?

Career Readiness Program is designed to deliver clarity, resources, support, and engaging content to bolster confidence in post-high-school success. 


The program offers three (3) years of support and covers over 50+ topics on how to make the most out of your future and career. 

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One-Time Enrollment for THREE years of support

Career Readiness Program

How was the Career Readiness Program designed?

The Career Readiness Program starts in January of the graduating year because any earlier is overwhelming and counterproductive. Starting halfway through senior year reduced the stress of college applications, job applications, future tensions, test preparations, etc. 


Seniors are busy and overwhelmed worrying about their exams, homework, extracurricular activities, social life, family life, college prep, etc. There is no time to consider a career or future planning. The program takes less than 30 minutes per week, within intentionality. It’s designed with actionable steps that foster professional skills and career development.


It’s designed to help clarify strengths, plan your career track, empower you to find a great job, quicken your career advancement, prevent you from burnout, and support you for two (2) years after graduation.


In addition to the online content, you can select to participate in additional support by joining group sessions and conducting individual sessions to boost your preparedness. 


LIMITED SEATING: We’re only supporting 50 students in total

  • 10 students for PLATINUM Program
  • 15 students for GOLD Program
  • 25 students for SILVER Program


Career Readiness Program Topics

What topics will we cover?

We want you to succeed post-graduation and build your career so you’re successful throughout your professional life. Over the next THREE Years, we’ll cover 50+ topics and help you jump-start your career, figure out your Career plans, and help you achieve your goals more strategically. Here are a few topics we’ll cover: 

  • Career Direction / Choice (What to do)
  • Resume and Cover Letter Development
  • Stress Management 
  • Work-Life Balance (Have a life and career)
  • Job / Internship Search Strategies
  • Interview Preparation
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Professional Skills (Getting promotions)
  • Networking Techniques
  • People Management (Office politics)
  • Leadership Development
  • Workplace Communication Skills
  • Career Planning
  • And many more. . .

Registration closes in. . .

See you next year!

Seats are limited:

  • SILVER Program – 25 students
  • GOLD Program – 15 students
  • PLATINUM Program – 10 students

Career Readiness Program

THREE Years of Support
$ 197
One-Time Enrollment Fee
  • Self-Paced Career Training
  • THREE (3) Years of Email Support
  • ONE (1) Resume/LinkedIn Review

Career Readiness Program

THREE Years of Support
$ 497
One-Time Enrollment Fee
  • Self-Paced Career Training
  • SIX (6) Group Coaching Sessions
  • THREE (3) Years of Email Support
  • TWO (2) Resume/LinkedIn Reviews
Most Popular

Career Readiness Program

THREE Years of Support
$ 1297
One-Time Enrollment Fee
  • Self-Pace Career Training
  • SIX (6) Group Coaching Sessions
  • FIVE (5) years of email support
  • THREE (3) Individualized Coaching
  • TWO (2) Resume/LinkedIn Editing
  • Career Discovery Assessment
Best Value

Sim Khandaker, M.A.

Coach / CEO

Simanto Khandaker, M.A.

YOUR Coach 


I started my college journey in engineering and felt bored and not challenged. So, I changed my major 5x times until I figured out what I wanted. It took me a while because I didn’t have anyone to turn to for guidance in showing my a career path that aligned with me. 

Yet, I finished my Bachelor’s in Psychology and became a Financial Analyst for Fortune 500 company, then completed Neuro-cognitive research in Australia, and returned to become a Market Analyst for another Fortune 500 company, then completed my Master’s in Counseling

I’ve helped individuals in Technology, Health Care, Business, Leadership, C-Suite, Career Changers, etc. Many of them told me, “I wish I knew [earlier]… ” After 10+ years helping mid to senior professionals, I’m opening up this opportunity to help you as you emerge into the professional world so you make better decisions and find career satisfaction faster and become successful sooner. 

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