High School Seniors

Learn what to avoid and what to embrace early

Career Readiness Program Purpose

Why we created the program?

Consider this: On average, 400 students rely on the guidance of just one high school counselor. Schools and students need more support and earlier guidance. 

Here’s another startling fact: 88% of High School graduates, just like you, expressed a wish for more support and guidance. 

I was one of them. I wish I had more guidance when I graduated. I would’ve found my passion faster and built my success sooner. One of my struggles was finding the best college major for me and my interests. 

Nearly 70% of college students have doubts about their major, and sadly, the majority (54%) never receive guidance.  Many have a career change later in life and are forced to start over. 

Career Readiness Program

What is Career Readiness?

The Career Readiness Program is not just a solution, it’s a game-changer. It builds a foundation for helping high school seniors manage stress, assessments to ensure alignment, build confidence, and help prioritize their life for success. All by leveraging their strengths and providing a map to a balanced life. It’s time we invest in our students’ futures. 

The program offers three (3) years of support and covers over 50+ topics on how to make the most out of your future and career. 

Career Readiness Program Design

How was the Career Readiness Program designed?

The Career Readiness Program is designed with feedback from professionals and students.

Here’s what executives, leaders, and career changers shared:

  1. Make it easy to access, outline/map of life, and engagement
  2. Discuss Finance, Career Development, and Relationship-Building
  3. Stress Management, Confidence Building, and Priority setting

Here’s what students wanted: 

  1. I’ll Google, but I don’t know who to ask and what to ask when
  2. I want to be included in discussions, not a lecture
  3. It would be great to text my questions and get detailed support

Core Format: 

  • Searchable Content Library 
  • Career and Life Development Map
  • Email Support for up to three (3) years after HS graduation
Career Readiness Program Topics

What topics will we cover?

From our design feedback, we’ve identified 50+ topics that’ll be covered in the content library. These are designed to help High School Students and recent grads take advantage of applying the Career and Life map, identify ideal topics for their current needs, and start a conversation with a coach to address specific needs. Here are some sample topics:  

  • Career and Life Planning (Map)
  • Stress Management
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Relationship Development 
  • Career Alignment and Development
  • And many more. . .

Career Readiness Program Investment

Career Readiness Program

THREE Years of Support
$ 197
One-Time Enrollment Fee
  • Self-Paced Career Training
  • THREE (3) Years of Email Support
  • ONE (1) Resume/LinkedIn Review

Career Readiness Program

THREE Years of Support
$ 497
One-Time Enrollment Fee
  • Self-Paced Career Training
  • SIX (6) Group Coaching Sessions
  • THREE (3) Years of Email Support
  • TWO (2) Resume/LinkedIn Reviews
Most Popular

Career Readiness Program

THREE Years of Support
$ 1297
One-Time Enrollment Fee
  • Self-Pace Career Training
  • SIX (6) Group Coaching Sessions
  • FIVE (5) years of email support
  • THREE (3) Individualized Coaching
  • TWO (2) Resume/LinkedIn Editing
  • Career Discovery Assessment
Best Value

Sim Khandaker, M.A.

Coach / CEO

Simanto Khandaker, M.A.

I started my college journey in engineering and felt bored and unchallenged. So, I changed my major five times until I figured out what I wanted. It delayed my entrance into my field, and I felt drained by the process and my future. It was a burden I carried because I didn’t consult with a professional to guide me. I wish I had, I would’ve been more self-assured. 

Yet, I finished my Bachelor’s in Psychology and became a Financial Analyst for a Fortune 500 company, completed Neuro-cognitive research in Australia, returned to become a Market Analyst for another Fortune 500 company, and finally, returned to school to follow my passion of helping people by completing my Master’s in Counseling

My journey taught me a lot, and now, I’m leveraging my unique perspectives and skills to help executives, leaders/managers, career changers, and students. I’ve gotten to help over 3,000 people over the years, and many of them shared their gratitude and mentioned, “I wish I had you when I was figuring things out. You made this so much easier and attainable. I wish I knew what I know now in high school. It would’ve changed my life.”