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We start by developing your strengths and confidence and leverage your skills to help you get into your next position, recover from burnout, improve your leadership skills, orchestrate your professional strategy, build your alliance, etc.

Coaching Counseling

What is Career Counseling?

We work on recovery, focusing on your mental resilience in the professional setting. Work is stressful, and compounding factors like a toxic workplace, toxic manager/leadership, burnout, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, confidence, etc., can hurt your professional and personal life. 


In Career Counseling, we’re here to help you recover from unmanageable stress and move towards building out your wellness plan so you can start managing your stress better and find a healthier balance between working and living your best life. 


Most clients start seeing progress within three (3) sessions and start prepping for career advancement within three months. 

Coaching Coaching

What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching focuses on getting you to your next position, internally, externally, career pivot, etc.; no matter where you want to go, a career coach will help you. 


Career coaching is future-oriented and strategic. We talk through your barriers to success and devise a strategy to help you avoid those barriers and empower you to take meaningful steps toward making your moves. 


Clients start seeing progress within three (3) sessions and start driving to their career goals within three months.

Resume Writing Services

What is Resume Writing?

Your biggest barrier is the AI between you and your reviewer, known as Applicant Tracking System/Software (ATS). With advanced technology, ATS can score your resume related to the job description and rank you based on how well you’ve articulated your accomplishments. 

In Resume Writing, We help you write stronger resumes to improve your chances of getting interviews. This takes work, and your LinkedIn benefits greatly once you have a strong resume.

Most clients start noticing improvements within 1st session and have a final version within four (4) sessions. 

Resume Writing Services: 

  • Resume Review
  • Resume Editing
  • Resume Writing
Mock Interviewing

What is Mock Interview?

You don’t want your first interview with an employer to be your first interview in a while. Practice the “Tell me about yourself” or other behavioral questions that’ll likely come up in your 1st round interview.

In Mock interviews, we customize interviewing questions according to your role and industry. Having a few rounds of mock interviews and feedback can help you boost your interviewing confidence, help you learn how to adjust your answers for stronger impact, and how you answer over the phone/video.

Most clients improve their interviewing skills within four (4) mock interview sessions.

Smiling mature middle aged business woman holding cv searching job online.
Career Search Strategies

Career Search Strategies

Without a strategy for our goals, we feel lost and unmotivated because we don’t know where to start and what to do first. Often, this leads us to action paralysis because we’re overwhelmed with everything we need to do. 


In Career Search Strategies, we develop a plan just for you and your goals. It’s tailored to leverage your strengths, so the journey is easier and more fulfilling. Having a strategy is like using Google Maps, it’ll tell you the best way to get to your destination and avoid getting caught up in delays. 


Most clients have a strong plan within two (2) coaching sessions. 

Career Packages

Career Packages

Career packages are the most affordable and convenient way to make the changes you want to see in your career. If we focused on each section individually, then it would take 14+ sessions to get you to change your career outcomes entirely. 


With Career Coaching, you get 7 sessions and 3 months. You start seeing results within the 1st session/week. It’s structured to help minimize our biggest barrier, getting started.  


Career and Life Coaching gets you 10 sessions within 3 months, and it’s our best value. If you want to change your life, this is your plan. We focus on building out your career plans and focus on how you can apply strategies to get more out of your life beyond work. 


Leadership Coaching is all about helping you build leadership qualities that take you from Level 1 leader to Level 5. You’ll have 20 sessions over 6 months to help you develop skills to influence your team, managers, and Sr. leadership and go beyond your career ceiling. 


Please check out our Pricing page for more details. 

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